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I really loved my best friend. I hate that I had to kill her.
Here's my first attempt at flash fiction. I'm probably going to expand it into a story anyway.

I’m not sure when it actually happened…when she began to change. All I know is that one day she was tapping at my window, all teeth and hunger, and I had to make a choice.
I chose life. My life.
She was still beautiful, no matter how deadly she was. If anything, she was more beautiful than before, and that scared me. No one should be that beautiful. It was a painful beauty, for I knew what it meant. It meant that she was a vampire.

We met in the seventh grade, right before I got boobs and the woman’s curse. She helped me get through all of it, and I was grateful, but not eternally. I would not sacrifice my humanity, even for her.

She was more than my best friend, although were we not lovers. I loved her as if we were though. I thought I would do anything for her. She had long, blonde hair and green eyes that could pierce right through to your soul. It was her eyes that made me fall for her. Those eyes that could melt steel. They turned a silvery grey when she became a monster.

She broke through the window and came after me like a shot. I barely had time to grab my broom and break it in half. When she came forward, I plunged it into her chest. It was awful.

Apparently, though, I wasn’t fast enough. I noticed the bite marks last night. She somehow managed to get to me, though I didn’t feel it at the time. I feel it now. I’m changing, too. Tonight might be my last night as a human. It funny, but I don’t feel bad. Just different. Actually, I feel pretty damn good.
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