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I know I haven't handled this whole community thing very well, as you can see by virtue of how many posts there are in here! So, if you have any comments or questions, suggestions or "what if's" -- just go ahead and plop 'em down in here -- not as a reply to this entry, but as an entry of itself. And tell all of your "literary obsessed, pen pushing and/or glued to keyboards" friends about this community and invite 'em in! (lol)

Also, for those who don't have my poetry book, I thought I'd go ahead and put my 3 sample poems in here/ First, know that these poems can be violent and graphic; they are also intentionally overly melodramatic and were written anywhere from 10 to 4 1/2 years ago (my age equivalent: 18 - 23 years old.)
I'd like for you to tell me what you think of it, you likes or dislikes as specifically as possible and how it made you feel, if anything all --- and if you *really* want to go deep, tell me what your interpretation of it is and tell me what you thought I meant?


Sample Poems from Awaiting Fullness

Beyond the Breaking Point

A chain of molten steel
Melts into my intestines,
Coagulating like a solid virus,
Pulling me inside out and back again.
Every memory has a flavor
As they bubble trough dust
And dreams,
Breaking free in my mind
To wander like ghosts from a dream.
I try to speak,
To hold their attention,
Yet they keep flowing until
They disappear and the chain,
Once so powerful,
Snaps like a brittle limb
Lost in the harshest storm.

Blood Doll

I am just a blood doll
Sitting on your shelf
And waiting for you to unleash
Your love with my silver key
And whisper my name in languages
Known only through our bond.
My crimson kiss lays upon your pale hand
Like a seal of ownership buried into
Your inviting flesh,
And your eyes ever search my frame
With a passion created solely for the
Glowing stars in the infinite cosmos –
But it is ours,
As I am yours,
And you are mine

Prenatal Hell

Umbilical cords bind me to a frozen nightmare
Pulsating through my breasts to
Radiate like a supernovan villain
Up through my spinal soul
And coagulating sorrow in my womb
Like a terminal pregnancy of darkness.
Smoke rings frame my eyes
With spectral bruises
And I’m drowning in carnivorous sobs.
Baby’s breath chokes my veins and
Fills my senses with the
Honeysuckle sweetness of decay –
Alcohol burns my wounds to
Quench my thirst, then kicks my rotting intestines
Into the metal jaws of eternal darkness
Where my nightmare offspring taunt me
With their distant cries,
Devoid of mercy or apologies to sweeten
The deadly blows.
Slice the heavens with an onyx dagger
And haul me to the day –
Ignore my cries before I fall in ashes
Within my mind and never see the light again!
My heartbeat is already
one with the madness
and I must soon be weaned –
without delay –
else my placenta of torment
will crush me like a
cosmic stillborn soul.
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